An introduction to the
World Dance Organisation

“We are here to do our best
for amateur dancers”

So said Founding Member Tim Howson in his opening address when the WDO began (at Blackpool, incidentally!) in May 2019.

The WDO has been formed because many competitors, teachers, coaches, judges and organisers all around the world want to improve the dance world.

They want to be certain that amateur titles are held in the highest esteem and that equal opportunities are available to all.

At the founding meeting, the principles of fairness, integrity, freedom, human rights and liberty were discussed, and it was declared that the WDO would dedicate itself to supporting these principles in dance.

The WDO is a non-profit organisation whose intention is not to make money out of dancing, but to create events around the world that dancers are proud to attend and succeed at.

The WDO World Formation Dance Championship will be one such event – by dancers, for dancers.

The WDO is a truly global organisation. Present at the historic Founders’ meeting were Arunas Bizokas, Tim Howson, Lorna Lee, Richard Gleave, Amanda Dokman, Terence Lay, Seyoung Lee, Nino Romano, Maurizio Vescovo, Hanson (Yang Chao), Junichiro Kusunoki and Ms Lin Bing.