What this world championship means to me

Formation dancing has been part of my life for 45 of my 49 years, starting as a mascot, then becoming a dancer, a trainer and an adjudicator.

It feels like natural progression to now be a promoter – especially of the first-ever WDO Formation World Championship to include Juveniles, Juniors, Solo, Adults and same-sex Adult teams.

There has, of course, been an Adult World Formation Championship for years, but not for children and certainly nothing with same-sex classes.

It’s this that I’m most proud of, I think – to have finally managed to create a unique event, after years of trying, when no-one seemed interested.


By a dancer, for dancers

When I first started in dance, the formation scene was small, so many promotors weren’t interested. Now it’s big, and thousands of keen dancers all over the world want to compete and be involved.

This is why I’m convinced that our event is the right one at the right time – truly a championship by the formation dancer, for the formation dancer.

Thankfully, the newly formed WDO agreed, and now it’s happening! This non-profit organisation deserves much credit for supporting organisers like me and giving them a chance to succeed.


Come to Blackpool and make history!

So here’s my message to dancers and teachers all over the world – whoever you are, wherever you are, please take part and help us all to make formation dance history!