Formation rules for juveniles, juniors & adults

18.2 WDO Registration:
All members of Formation teams entering WDO Formation Championships must be registered license holders of the WDO.

18.3 Definition of Formation: 

18.3.1 Ballroom:
Ballroom Teams may base their routines on;
Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz
(An optional maximum of 16 bars based on any dance including Latin is allowed)

18.3.2 Latin:
Latin Teams may base their routines on;
Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso-Doble and Jive
(An optional maximum of 16 bars based on any dance other Latin rhythm is allowed)

18.4 Formation Championships:
Championships are granted as follows:
18.4.1 Ballroom
18.4.2 Latin
18.4.3 Ballroom and Latin (Open to Both Ballroom and Latin Teams)

18.5 Sections:
In each division, there are two sections:
Four couple teams
Six, Seven or Eight couple teams

18.6 Conditions of Formation Championships:
18.6.1 Solo work 
Ballroom; The Ballroom category is restricted to eight bars in any one dance and a maximum of 24 bars over the whole presentation.
Latin; This rule does not apply as solo work is normally a part of Latin dancing.

18.6.2 Replacements
At any time in a Championship team members may be replaced by reserves.

18.6.3 Dress
The only dress permissible is that normally associated with present day competition dancing.
(Please refer to WDO Costume Rules).

18.6.4 Props
No change in costume is allowed during the routine.
No properties (Props) are allowed

18.6.5 Lifts
a.) Lifts are not permitted in the Juvenile or Junior Categories.
b.) In the Adult Categories, lifts are only allowed on the entry to and exit from the floor. Lifts must not be performed in the main judged 4.5 minute body of the routine.

18.7 Time Limits:

18.7.1 Juveniles 
5 Minutes (including entry & exit – with & without music).
No more than 4 Minutes will be judged.

18.7.2 Juniors/Adults Teams 
6 Minutes (including entry & exit – with & without music)
No more than 4.5 Minutes will be judged.
18.7.3 Entry & exits must be clearly identified (beginning & end) with a space or gong.
18.7.4 Teams not complying with these rules and time limits render themselves liable to disqualification.

18.8 Age Categories/Divisions:

18.8.1 Junior Teams
18.8.2 A child may dance in a Junior Formation team event up to August 31st even if their 16th birthday falls from the 1st September the previous year.
18.8.3 If a Junior dances in any Adult Formation Competition/Championship they are no longer eligible to dance in a Junior Formation team.

18.8.3 Juvenile Teams
18.8.4 A child may dance in a Juvenile Formation event up to August 31st even if their 12th birthday falls from the 1st September the previous year.
18.8.5 If a Juvenile dances in any Junior Formation competition /championship they are no longer eligible to dance in a Juvenile Formation team.

18.9 Divisions
Adult Competitions are confined to Adult teams only.
Junior Competitions are confined to Junior teams.
Juvenile Competitions are confined to Juvenile teams.

19.0 Formation Adjudicators:

19.1 Formation Championships must have x9 Adjudicators. (Please see Rule 40)
19.2 All Adjudicators must hold a WDO license to adjudicate a Formation Competition/Championship.
19.3 In all cases the decision of the Chairperson of Adjudicators is final. The Chairperson for all WDO Championships, Ranking Events and Events will be Non-Voting. The Non-Voting Chairperson will stand in for a Voting Adjudicator in cases of necessity.

20.0 Performance Order:

The order of dancing for each round will be determined by draw, under the supervision of the chairperson of adjudicators, or his designated representative.

21.0 Rehearsals:

21.1 Whenever possible adequate arrangements should be made for Team rehearsals.
21.2 Equal amount of time must be allocated to each team in the ballroom with music.
21.3 The Chairperson must attend rehearsals and warn any team infringing on rules.
Once warned, a team may be disqualified if they continue to infringe upon the rules.
21.4 Disqualification would be by the Chairman, after consultation with the Adjudicators and Organiser.

22.0 Rounds/Finals:

22.1 When there are more than six teams in a championship a second round must be held.
22.2 In each round of the competition, no more than 50% of the teams should be eliminated for the next round.
22.3 No more than eight teams should participate in the final round.
22.4 If the Chairperson calls for the appropriate number of recalls and the marks do not allow for the correct number of teams to be advanced, then the Chairperson has the authority to place less than 50% of the teams in the next round. This is especially applicable if an additional round would be required in order to comply with the 50% recall rule.

23.0 Disqualification:

The Chairperson of Adjudicators has the right to disqualify teams infringing on these rules.

24.0 Juvenile Costume Rules:

24.1 Make Up
Make Up applied to Juveniles should be natural and in good taste and appropriate to the age group.

24.2 Sponsorship Logos:

Three sponsor logos are permitted per couple but must not exceed a total of 40 square centimetres.

24.3 Jewellery: 

Only jewellery of a personal/religious nature maybe worn. This should be around the neck and inside the clothing.
Earrings not exceeding 2cm can be worn.
Decorative bracelets are NOT permitted.
Dress rings and wristwatches are NOT permitted.

25.0 Boys:

25.1 Trousers
25.1.1 Colour; Black or Dark Blue Only.
25.1.2 High Waist optional.
25.1.3 Underfoot Strap optional.
25.1.4 Satin side stripes are allowed.

25.2 Shirts
25.2.1 Plain white or black long sleeved collared shirt only (no wing collars).
25.2.2 No pleats or ribbing.
25.2.3 Sleeves to be worn at wrist length.
25.2.4 Black or dark blue vests are allowed, but sweaters and jackets are not allowed.
25.2.5 A Tie must be worn – black colour only, may be either straight or bow style.
25.2.6 Socks – Black or dark blue colour only.
25.2.7 Shoes – Heel height not to exceed 1.5 inches (must be black).

25.3 Materials
25.3.1 Fabrics must be plain. ie: cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blend, wool blend. No satin or shiny fabrics.
25.3.2 No rhinestones, glitter, metallic thread, patterns or sequins allowed.
25.3.3 Decorations are not allowed.

26.0 Girls: 

26.1 Girls are permitted to wear
26.1.1 A top with a simple skirt
26.1.2 A simple dress with an attached undergarment
26.1.3 leotard top with a skirt.

26.2 Skirts
26.2.1 A plain or pleated skirt with a minimum of x1 to maximum of x3 half circles is allowed.
26.2.2 One plain, simple underskirt is allowed but this must be no fuller or longer than the top layer. The underskirts must be the same or of a similar colour to the top skirt.
26.2.3 No godets or extra panels may be inserted into the skirt.
26.2.4 No uneven hem lines, frills, splits, openings, lace, or sequins. Horsehair/Crinoline may be used as part of the construction but not as a trim.
26.2.5 Length of skirt must not be shorter than 3 inches above the kneecap and no longer than 3 inches below the knee cap.
26.2.6 A least one of the layers of the skirts must be a solid colour. (Not sheer.)

26.3 Necklines
Boat, High neck, V-neck, Sweetheart, ‘Peter Pan’ collar, and regular collar are allowed. Simple edging or trim, as well as a simple ruffle around the collar of not more than two inches, is allowed on the neckline.

26.4 Belting
Gathering or shirring is permissible from the waist down for a maximum of two inches, provided it is part of the dress itself and not an accessory.

26.5 Materials
26.5.1 Fabrics must be one constant colour throughout.
26.5.2 No rhinestones, glitter, metallic thread, pearls, patterns, sequins, or similar materials allowed.
26.5.3 No use of feathers, fringes, bows, belts, frills or sequins.
26.5.4 No flesh colour fabric.
26.5.5 Any use of colour coordinated ‘see through’ fabric must be lined from waist to shoulder; for use on arms no lining is needed.

26.6 Accessories
Armbands, Neckbands and Gloves are not permitted.

26.7 Hair Decoration
A flower or a bow not exceeding 10cm maybe worn in the hair.
Tiaras, headbands or diamond decoration are NOT permitted.

26.8 Shoes
1Heel height not to exceed 1.5 inches, and must be block heel style if a dance shoe. If the shoe comes with rhinestones on the buckle then they are allowed. If the shoe comes with glitter on the shoe then it is allowed.

26.9 Socks
26.9.1 White ankle socks (these may have a small amount of lace) must be worn.
26.9.2 No Fishnet Tights.