There’s nowhere like Blackpool Tower Ballroom!
The home of British Ballroom Dancing since 1899

“Wow” Is the only possible reaction

Step into Blackpool Tower Ballroom for the first time and you’ll hardly believe your eyes. It’s an astonishing concoction of opulence, elegance and spectacular Victorian decoration that simply takes your breath away!

The Ballroom we see today was completed in 1899 and was immediately hailed as the world’s most beautiful dance venue.

Its unique sprung floor is the stuff of dancing legend, with over 30,000 blocks of solid oak, mahogany and walnut. Those amazing crystal chandeliers each take a week to clean. And the feeling you get when you glide and twirl in this historic place is unforgettable.


But you don’t have to dance here to be captivated by the atmosphere. Up on the balconies, you get a godlike view of the dancers and the décor and the unmistakable sound of the ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’ organ fills the air, taking you back to the golden days of dance.

If you’ve seen those black & white photographs of elegant couples dancing here between the wars, or escaping the austerity of 50’s Britain, you’ll know how important this remarkable place has been to our national wellbeing for over 100 years.

And now, in the new century, and after the global trauma of Covid, to know that Blackpool is hosting the first-ever World Formation Championship that includes children’s classes and same-sex adults, you conclude that even a 120-year-old institution like this can still lead the way.